Where are they?

Where are they?

My husband and I were led to foster care after coming back from working at an orphanage overseas and asking the naively simple question, “Where are the most vulnerable children in this country?” 

Thirteen years ago that question led us directly to the doors of the state’s child welfare system. We walked through those doors as we became certified foster parents and began our fostering journey before having biological children. Through many twists and turns in the last decade - welcoming biological children, cross country moves, welcoming children in foster care, adopting, doing emergency shelter care for seasons - our family has never looked back. 

Once you get into the world of foster care - whether it's through opening your home, giving respite or volunteering - it's impossible to put your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and sing "La La La" and pretend that vulnerable children are not all around us, as comfortably tempting as it may be. 

If you've ever wondered like I did, "Where are the most vulnerable children here?", then look no further. 

Department of Human Services Child Welfare is the very door through which the most vulnerable children in our community enter. 

Find out what it means to become a foster parent.

~ Jillana


Jillana Goble

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