Tigard DHS Lobby Makeover

Tigard DHS Lobby Makeover

We love it when the people we care about from both DHS and the faith community work side by side and form caring relationships. 

DHS and a missional community from A Jesus Church both express what working on the Tigard DHS lobby together meant to each of them: 

From DHS: 
Working with this small group from Westside – A Jesus Church has been AMAZING! They are such wonderful, thoughtful, kind, and generous both in their efforts and donations as well as their spirit! We have developed some great friendships and hope that our partnership in serving our community will continue to flourish!

From a missional community from AJC: 
Words can't describe what an amazing experience we had working closely with employees from the Tigard DHS! It was an absolute pleasure partnering with DHS and Embrace Oregon to help in any way possible. We really hope that this new environment will create a more welcoming space for every single person that walks in. We hope that every individual that walks in the door will feel valued and cared for and we are so thankful to Westside A Jesus Church for helping us make this renovation possible. We are so grateful to have met so many hardworking and wonderful people at the Tigard DHS and we have developed great friendships and memories that we will never forget!

Relationships MATTER and Embrace Oregon is all about cultivating good and meaningful ones!

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