The Call

Every day in Oregon, families experience crisis and children enter foster care. You can help.

Every child needs a safe, nurturing home to flourish

Right now, thousands of children in our community are in foster care, and we lack homes to make sure children are placed with the most strategic family.

We dream of a day when there would be a waiting list of foster families rather than a backlog of children entering care.
We dream of a day when every sibling set would be able to stay together during their time in care.
We dream of a day when DHS would have the luxury of strategically placing children in foster care with a family best suited to meet the child’s individual needs.
We dream of a day when the number of children entering foster care would decrease because of strong community support for struggling families.

This is our community. Not everyone can become a foster parent, but we can all do something to care for our community’s children and families.
Our children need you.

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